Treatment during Pregnancy

Treatment during Pregnancy

Pregnancy carries a range of experiences for new mums-to-be. Besides the joy of nurturing a new life, there are also the more uncomfortable experiences of back ache, sciatica, carpal preggreentunnel syndrome, swollen legs and nausea that needs to be endured. As her body changes, a woman will experience a shift in weight bearing position, a change in her posture and greater strain on her back and pelvis. All of these discomforts can be relieved through a range of therapies performed by our practitioners, ranging from acupuncture, craniosacral therapy, manual therapy, spinal manipulation and myofascial therapy.

Given the greater sensitivity of joints and muscles during this time, the therapies are kept gentle and limited in their force to prevent any harm to mum and baby. There are many types of manual therapies that are used during pregnancy, with our specially designed benches allowing for the proper positioning of mum’s tummy to prevent any strain during treatment.  Any techniques or therapies that may pose a reasonable risk (such as certain essential oils during pregnancy massage with one of our remedial massage therapists; or twisting during spinal manipulation) are always avoided during this time. The aim is to provide relief to joints and muscles. The patient’s partner is usually also taught how to release pressure points that commonly cause aches and pains, and in some cases mums are taught acupuncture strategies to improve the symptoms of morning sickness. There are even acupuncture points that can be used to bring on labour. Being a holistic clinic, we also give advice on nutritional support, exercises and dietary changes where indicated.


pregchirtblSo if you are pregnant and contemplating seeking some relief from your symptoms, or just want your pregnancy to run as smoothly as possible, why not give the clinic a call and schedule an appointment !



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