Methylation and Histamine sensitivity

Do you have a sensitivity to pollen in the air at various times of the year? How about skin reactions to certain foods or things you touch that can respond to claritine or other antihistamine medications?  Watery eyes, runny nose or post nasal drip? Do you have a weak stomach? Maybe a history of panic attacks, depression or mental fatigue? If so, you might have a sensitivity to (or build up of) Histamine - a chemical naturally produced by the body, and consumed in foods. The problem is often a genetic limitation in processing and excreting histamine from the body, which is often linked to a process called under methylation. Undermethylation and its many consequences can cause a wide variety of symptoms in different people.

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Garlic Prawns

Ingredients: Australian fresh tiger prawns (peeled, deveined, tails intact) Fresh chopped parsley Glass of dry white wine (optional) Freshly chopped garlic Extra virgin olive oil Freshly chopped chili or dry chili flakes Method: In the pan add olive oil ,fry gently chopped garlic, add prawns, glass of white wine, chili. Keep stirring for 3-5 min. Remove from heat and add chopped parsley. Spoon prawns into serving bowls and enjoy with crusty bread as a dipper or on its own! Makes a great seafood entre, especially in winter.

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Grilled Salmon fillet

Ingredients: Fresh Atlantic or Tasmanian salmon fillets Extra light olive oil for cooking Dried Herb garnish: Pepper, dried parsley, powdered garlic, dried oregano Alternative Herb drizzle: 1 clove of garlic, finely chopped; fresh parsley, finely chopped; squeeze of lemon juice; extra virgin olive oil Salt to taste Seasonal vegetables steamed or roasted.   Method: Grill the fillet on a high heat grill or BBQ plate with the skin up. After a couple of minutes, gently flip the fillet skin down (if you grill it this way you prevent the skin shrivelling and curling the fillet). Remove from heat when a golden crust forms. Avoid cooking for too long otherwise the flesh will become too dry. Plate the fish on a pre-warmed plate and eother sprinkle the dry herb garnish or drizzle the alternative herb and oil mixture. Serve with seasonal vegetables and a salad for a quick and simple, yet delicious and nutritious seafood meal.

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Flathead fillets in foil

Ingredients: Fresh flathead  (or other white fleshed fish, or salmon) fillets 1 knob butter or olive oil I cup of dry white wine Salt & Pepper to taste 2 cloves of garlic crushed or finely chopped sprig of parsley finely chopped   Method: Prepare a piece of aluminium foil long enough to fold over the fish and seal. place a couple of small knobs of butter, half the garlic, salt and pepper and parsley onto the foil, and then the fish pieces on top of that. Repeat the coating on top of the fish. Fold the foil over the fish and fold the edges of the foil several times to seal in the steam, leaving one edge open so you can pour the wine in to the parcel. Fold over the remaining edge so that the parcel is now flat (no major air pockets) and sealed. Heat oven to 180*C and place the parcel into a baking tray, then into the oven. Cook until the parcel puffs up (about 1/2hr on average depending on the thickness of the fish fillets). Remove from oven and cut parcel open along centre to reveal the fish (be careful not to get burned by the release of steam. Serve from the opened foil package.  

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White bait, Flathead fillet and spinach

  Ingredients: Purchase some white bait and flathead fillets from your local fishmonger. Fresh white bait should still have firmness and not be too soft or squishy. Flathead fillets are a lovely soft white fleshed fish to use when feeding fussy kids. 1 bunch Fresh English Spinach 1 cup of either flour or almond meal (if you want to avoid gluten) 1 tablespoon olive oil Salt and pepper to taste   Method: Wash, then roughly chop the spinach and put into a steamer. Generously coat a large pan with oil (extra-light olive oil is good) so that there is a 5mm layer over the bottom, and place it on the stove When the pan has heated sufficiently to crisp and bubble a pinch of flour, place the flour/almond meal into a ziplock or other plastic bag along with some salt and pepper and put the fish into it, sealing the bag and shaking the contents until they are nicely coated. Don't leave them in the bag too long or they will go sticky. Remove fish from the bag and fry them in the pan, being careful not to put too many in at once. Turn them over when golden underneath. It should only take a few minutes to fry the fish to a golden colour, then remove and place them on some paper to drain off. As the last batch of fish is set to fry, steam the spinach and then season with some freshly crushed garlic, olive oil and pepper. Plate the fish, using the spinach as an accompaniment. Add a squeeze of lemon juice over the fish as a final enhancement and garnish with some parsley or sliced shallots.

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