Nutritional Counselling and Allergy Diets

Why make a change?

Fwmnflbpnchew people today dispute the obvious evidence that as a society we are becoming more prone to illness, weaker in our constitutions and suffer from what have been called “the diseases of affluence” (diabetes, blood pressure, depression, infertility, bowel disease, cancers and many others). Our children seem to be particularly vulnerable to both allergies and sensitivities- even to foods that previous generations never had any problems with, resulting in chronic systemic illnesses as well as behavioural disorders such as ADHD.





Part of the problem lies in the exposure to industrial and environmental pollution and toxins, such as pesticides and smog, which can alter the growth and development of the child while it is still in its mothers womb. This baby, having been exposed to dangerous chemistry is already vulnerable due its weakened immune system even before being born. Diminished rates and quality of breastfeeding, the introduction of formulas and processed foods, over medicating with antibiotics and other medicines then heighten this weakness leading to a more serious health decline in adulthood.

Our exposure to increasingly sophisticated corporate marketing strategies for processed food, which employ subtle psychological manipulation and conditioning lead us to further crave those foods, drinks and pharmaceuticals that will inevitably erode our health and cause obesity, heart disease and eventually organ failure and death. It can be extremely challenging for an individual to resist and fight against the mass of convenience foods and junk that has ingrained itself into our culture, and while the internet has become a source of valuable educational material and support for many people looking for answers and help; unfortunately much of the information is conflicting and overwhelming, leading to information overload.


What can I do?

This is why the best way to approach any change in diet is with the guidance and support of a suitably qualified health professional, who can give you quality information, resources and a strategy to test for, and eliminate those foods that are most likely to be causing you problems. Often, foods that are considered healthy due to their vitamin and mineral content may pose challenges to an individual because of the other substances they contain- examples include  as salicylates, amines, glutamates, phyto-estrogens, phytates among many others. These substances seem to irritate some people while for others they pose no problem. Other examples of this discrepancy include sensitivity to nuts, dairy, gluten, eggs, citrus, seafood just to name a few.

For other people there is not so much a sensitivity to a particular food, but an emotional drive which leads them to consume foods that become harmful through caloric excess leading to obesity. Adding to this spiral of morbidity are hormonal and glandular dysfunctions that can be extremely difficult to combat alone. Professional help in these and all dietary circumstances should naturally encompass a holistic philosophy, with changes made to the diet, exercise routine and psychological / emotional aspects of the individual.twowomenobsty



What makes our approach different?

At synergy, we have a team of practitioners who can assist you to make changes to all the areas that may be contributing to your health problems. While for some, nutritional counselling and elimination diets are the first point of action, everyone who undertakes a change to their diet will find their progress more sure, more substantial and longer lasting if they also improve their physical health through chiropractic, their energy through acupuncture or other energy healing techniques; and their mental state by counselling.

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