Grilled Salmon fillet

Grilled Salmon fillet

Grilled Salmon fillet


Fresh Atlantic or Tasmanian salmon fillets

Extra light olive oil for cooking

Dried Herb garnish: Pepper, dried parsley, powdered garlic, dried oregano

Alternative Herb drizzle: 1 clove of garlic, finely chopped; fresh parsley, finely chopped; squeeze of lemon juice; extra virgin olive oil

Salt to taste

Seasonal vegetables steamed or roasted.



Grill the fillet on a high heat grill or BBQ plate with the skin up. After a couple of minutes, gently flip the fillet skin down (if you grill it this way you prevent the skin shrivelling and curling the fillet). Remove from heat when a golden crust forms. Avoid cooking for too long otherwise the flesh will become too dry. Plate the fish on a pre-warmed plate and eother sprinkle the dry herb garnish or drizzle the alternative herb and oil mixture. Serve with seasonal vegetables and a salad for a quick and simple, yet delicious and nutritious seafood meal.

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