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Toxicity is literally how poisonous a substance is. Some things are very poisonous, and even a small amount can be very harmful (e.g. arsenic). Many substances are slightly poisonous, so that small amounts are able to be removed without harm. If you have a large exposure to these milder poisons (e.g. pesticides), then over time they can accumulate and overwhelm your body’s own natural ability to “detoxify” or remove them from your body. This is particularly important where several organs co-operate to get the job done. If one organ is pre-occupied with a different task (e.g. the adrenal gland is so exhausted from dealing with stress that it can no longer aid movement of glucose) then there is a domino effect with multiple systems shutting down or malfunctioning. This can lead to more broad health failures such as fibromyalgia, stubborn obesity and chronic fatigue syndrome. Similarly, an exposure to several mild poisons at once is much more dangerous than one at a time. One of the body’s defence mechanisms when faced with toxicity is to store the harmful chemicals in your fat tissue. This means that these poisons can be stored for many years in our tissues, becoming an ongoing source of ill health.


Sources of Toxin exposure

Toxins come in two broad categories- environmental (external) and endogenous (made within your body). Environmental toxins include metals, synthetic petrochemical residues, hormones, medicines, bacterial and microbial toxins that are present in the air, water and food that enters our bodies. Endogenous toxins include imbalances in our own hormone production, waste products as part of our metabolism, as well as the chemicals produced by our own gut bacteria, which, when unbalanced, enters our bloodstream.






Symptoms and Signs that suggest you need a detox program:







              • Constipation
              • Gastric reflux
              • Bloating
              • Food allergies
              • Leaky gut
              • Poor diet (eg. High in refined carbohydrates like flour)
              • Diarrhoea
              • Abdominal pain
              • Nausea and vomiting
              • Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
              • Candida / yeast overgrowth
              • Fibromyalgia syndrome
              • Chronic fatigue syndrome
              • Long term antibiotic /medication use
              • Irritability
              • Mood disorders including depression
              • Poor memory and concentration
              • Anaemia
              • Infertility




There are several factors which influence the toxic exposure of your body, and its impact on your health. These include the amount and type of toxins that you are exposed to such as petrochemical residues including pesticides, acrylics, antibiotics, food additives, cleaning products etc. Further to that, resistance to illness and disease is largely dependent upon the resources your body has to deal with it,or how well you “detoxify” on your own. This resistance depends in part on your genetic constitution, general state of health, but also on the integrity of your nervous system (the main work of Chiropractors), as well as your psychological-emotional history and residual damage from prior illnesses. That is why two people with similar toxic exposure can respond very differently, with one having no noticeable effects and the other developing chronic illness. The first person has a better capacity to detoxify, or perhaps has a higher tolerance to irritation.



Factors that influence detoxification capacity are:

–       Proper communication between the brain and its organs via your nerves.

–       Liver and kidney function

–       Nutrient intake and stores

–       Bowel function

–       Stress

–       Sleep

–       Digestion and absorption of food

–       Continuous exposure to irritants or toxins




What makes our detox program different?

Some people begin this program having tried other ones, such as a seven day detox, fifteen day or other such commercial program on sale at health food stores or supermarkets. We recognise that there is no quick fix and that commitment and persistence are necessary for the best results. There are several important differences between this program and all those others:


  • Each program at this clinic, while having a similar basic strategy, is tailored to the individual needs of each patient. Individual sensitivities, allergies and clinical findings such as iridology, tongue, pulse and organ reflexes may need to be taken into consideration. Thus your herbs will vary depending on your examination and progress.
  • This program takes significantly longer- approximately 2-3 months. The people who choose to come to this clinic have recognised that their problems are more significant than can be healed with a cheap, generic retail gimmick.
  • The herbs we use are prescription only, high potency liquid extracts. Tablet-herbs are vastly inferior in potency by comparison.
  • Dr. Allan used his wide expertise in chiropractic, interest in anthropology and ancient nutrition and traditional European herbalism to put together this unique program in order to take advantage of the best aspects of several systems of healing.
  • The program is designed to educate and empower you to take greater responsibility for your health. It is meant to be a foundation upon which to continue improving your health into the future.



To find out more about our comprehensive, multi-system, detoxification programs and to take that first step to wellness please call the clinic for more information today!

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