What to Expect During My Chiropractic Treatment

When you visit our clinic for the first time, you will be met by one of our friendly reception staff, who greet you personally and provide you with an overview of the clinic services and familiarise you with the centre.


You’ll be given some preliminary paperwork to fill in, which will give the Chiropractor valuable information about your medical history, symptoms and historical events of significance.


During every visit you will be assessed for posture, neurological function, reflexes, muscle strength, restriction of movement and weaknesses. Depending on the case, we may order X-rays (which are free under Medicare) to assess for underlying arthritis or anatomical faults, or refer you to your medical doctor for further tests such as blood tests, CT’s or MRI’s.


We do not use pseudo-scientific diagnostic gimmicks such as “infra-red muscle scanners”, or “posture  analysers”, which have no scientific reliability or validity.


The first visit is important since we need to construct a treatment plan that will best serve your needs. For some patients, two or three visits may be enough to fix the problem, while for others a more intensive treatment plan may need to be constructed. Every patient knows what to expect, and how long they need to have treatment. Self care and exercises are a large part of our success in helping you get well, so we encourage you to review your exercises regularly and refresh your memory by using our exercise section as a resource.


Treatments generally take about 10 minutes and involve testing, stretches, muscle releases and specialised chiropractic adjusting, though we may take longer depending on the case.


The Chiropractor will usually perform some stretching, pressure points or other muscle releases before or after your adjustment, possibly the use of ice packs or heat depending on the case; and we may also use adjunctive techniques such as acupuncture, kinesio-taping or joint creams.  If your problem is primarily a muscular one, we will recommend a remedial massage by a fully qualified and registered massage therapist.


At Synergy, we provide the best quality care to get you well fast.  As part of your self care routine, we encourage you to bring along your partner or somebody from home, who will be taught how to release muscle spasms for you, assist you in stretching and generally help you recover faster. In that way your need for continuous treatment will be much less and together we can fix problems in six to eight weeks that can take many other Chiropractors months and even years of continuous, repetitive (and financially draining) sessions.