Egg and Bacon pockets

Ingredients: Eggs Bacon rashers Oil for greasing the muffin tray Method: Put oven on 200c fan forced or 220 c Grease the muffin tray and place bacon into the spaces. Crack an egg in a bowl and slowly put onto one of the bacon pockets. Repeat for each piece of bacon in the tray. Bake in the oven for about 5-7 min if medium yolk is desired.Enjoy your healthy brekkie without puff pastry Assemble a light salad as an accompaniment, such as bocconcini, tomato and basil.  

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Mixed Mediterranean Salad

Ingredients: Two handfuls of mixed baby salad (rocket, oakleaf, English spinach, etc.) Handful of Danish Feta 2-3 slices of sundried tomato, chopped Handful of olives Sprinkling of mixed sprouts. Splash of good quality balsamic vinegar (or a squeeze of lemon juice) Splash of extra virgin olive oil Salt & Pepper to taste.   Method: Combine the salad mix, tomato, olives in a salad bowl. Add the salt, pepper, oil and vinegar and toss by hand. Garnish with the mixed sprouts and crumble fetta on top. Enjoy!

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Flat beans with a simple tomato sauce

Ingredients: Two handfuls of fresh flat (or other green) beans. Two cloves of garlic, finely chopped 1 can diced tomatoes Spices to taste: Teaspoon of sweet or smoky paprika; pinch of salt and pepper.   Method: Cook the beans in some boiling water or alternatively steam them to retain more nutrients. Don't over cook them. While they are cooking, lightly oil a medium pot and bring up the heat so that when you add the garlic it begins to sizzle. When it has softened a little. add the paprika, salt and pepper and add the can of tomatoes. Reduce heat to medium. Strain the beans and add them to the pot, anc continue cooking on medium heat for another few minutes. Take off the heat and serve as an accompaniment to grilled meats, on top of a polenta slab or even with other carbs such as steamed rice, tofu or mixed through pasta such as penne or fusili.

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White bait, Flathead fillet and spinach

  Ingredients: Purchase some white bait and flathead fillets from your local fishmonger. Fresh white bait should still have firmness and not be too soft or squishy. Flathead fillets are a lovely soft white fleshed fish to use when feeding fussy kids. 1 bunch Fresh English Spinach 1 cup of either flour or almond meal (if you want to avoid gluten) 1 tablespoon olive oil Salt and pepper to taste   Method: Wash, then roughly chop the spinach and put into a steamer. Generously coat a large pan with oil (extra-light olive oil is good) so that there is a 5mm layer over the bottom, and place it on the stove When the pan has heated sufficiently to crisp and bubble a pinch of flour, place the flour/almond meal into a ziplock or other plastic bag along with some salt and pepper and put the fish into it, sealing the bag and shaking the contents until they are nicely coated. Don't leave them in the bag too long or they will go sticky. Remove fish from the bag and fry them in the pan, being careful not to put too many in at once. Turn them over when golden underneath. It should only take a few minutes to fry the fish to a golden colour, then remove and place them on some paper to drain off. As the last batch of fish is set to fry, steam the spinach and then season with some freshly crushed garlic, olive oil and pepper. Plate the fish, using the spinach as an accompaniment. Add a squeeze of lemon juice over the fish as a final enhancement and garnish with some parsley or sliced shallots.

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Bunless Burgers

Bunless burger 250 grams grass fed beef mince meat 250 grams of pork mince 50 grams of pork liver cut finely (optional)... 2 celery stalks chopped finally half a medium size carrot chopped finely bunch of parsley chopped finely Portobello flat mushroomsPut all ingredients into a bowl and mix it together until the ingredients are all combined. Make hand size patties and fry them in a shallow pan with 3 tbl spoons of olive oil. Alternatively, grill it on a BBQ or a grill pan. Grill or pan fry the Portobello or any large flat mushrooms to warm them up being careful not to overcook them to avoid their going overly soft Your mushrooms become your BUN, between which you can add the patty and any other burger ingredients you prefer (such as pineapple, beetroot and lettuce). Enjoy your healthy version of this grain free Burger !

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